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Rude- Overheat

Title: Overheat
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Rude
Characters Included: Rude, Tifa
Prompt: 63) Summer
Word Count: 103
Rating: G

The entire time that Tifa was pregnant with the twins she kept the air conditioner on to such an extreme level that I had to dress the kids in sweaters to prevent them from freezing- which in and of itself was an amazing thing to have happen in the summer.

She would sit at the kitchen table, sucking on ice cubes, the air conditioner cranking, frowning down at her swollen stomach as if willing the children to finally appear. “Pregnancy always makes me overheat,” she said. “But the summer makes it so much worse.”

I just smiled at her and stroked her hair.
Tags: drabbles100, rude
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