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Tifa/Cloud- Petty Jealousy

Title: Petty Jealousy
Author: butterflys_fics
Theme: Theme Set 1: #14- first come, first serve (15pairings)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Tifa/Cloud
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in FFVII, I am merely using them for my own story and fun.

Tifa always found it rather amusing that Cloud would complain when the kids got taken care of constantly before he did. No matter what was going on, it seemed that Marlene and Denzel were at the head of the line for Tifa’s attention. They got fed first, their laundry got done first. Everything was done for the kids first.

She used to tease him about it, tell him he was being a big baby. “They’re kids, Cloud.” She would smile at him, lean across the table to press her face close to his until her breath made his face warm. “You shouldn’t be jealous of them.”

“I’m not jealous,” he would insist, then he’d look away from her, trying to find something interesting to look at.

But she knew he was, in fact, very jealous of the kids. She could see it every time they got her attention when he didn’t or they received something before him. “They were here first,” she would tell Cloud. “Would it be fair for me to skip over them and go to you just because you happen to be older than them? Fair is fair, Cloud.”

Even though she found his jealousy rather childish, she did have to admit that he looked rather cute when he got that disappointed. There was something utterly adorable about the way he would blink in amazement at her tending to them over him, her practically ignoring him to go about her business.

Eventually Cloud got tired of being secondary to everything and made his way downstairs before the kids one morning, coming up behind her and tugging her close to him.

The mug she had been holding nearly tumbled from her hands to the floor. “The kids are going to be down any second, Cloud. I need to get their breakfast ready.”

He turned her face towards his, almost smiling at her. “I was here first,” he whispered. His lips pressed against hers just as the footsteps came sounding on the stairs.

He would never forget the sound of Denzel laughing at the sight before him.
Tags: 15pairings, cloud, cloud/tifa, tifa, tifa/cloud
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