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Rude- Out Of His League

Title: Out Of His League
Rating: K+ (PG)
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Rude
Other characters/pairings: Tifa, one-sided Rude/Tifa
Table/Theme Name & Number: Table: VI, Theme: 5- Romance (over_look)
Warnings: None.
Summary: The truth is rarely what we wish it to be.

Turks weren’t known for their kindness, nor were they known for being sensitive people. He knew that Turks had always had a certain stigma about them, and he knew that they always would. It didn’t make him feel any better about it, but when he had signed up for the job he knew what he was getting himself in to. When you became a Turk you left behind all expectations of a normal life. You became something else entirely. Sometimes you would decide to actually become what everyone perceived you as, sometimes you retained a part of who you were once, that spark of humanity that all but vanished the moment you sold yourself into servitude for ShinRa.

When he first met Tifa he found her beautiful. He never intended to tell anyone he felt that way, of course. At the time she had been his enemy- an enemy of the company was not someone a Turk should be attracted to, after all. But after that meeting he found himself unable to forget about the strong-willed fighter that had walked into ShinRa, the eco-terrorist. His thoughts would go back to her at the most inconvenient of times.

Though they had been required to obtain as much information as they could about the members of AVALANCHE in order to better their chances of stopping them, he would always come back to Tifa’s file, reading it over and over until he committed every detail to memory, yet he refused to admit he liked her in any shape or form. (Except, of course, if you counted Reno bothering him until he revealed who he liked, which Rude didn’t count. That was an utterance that was made to shut Reno up.) He had convinced himself that he was only trying to understand her better. Understand your enemy and they’re easier to conquer, right?

Following Meteor, it would be nearly two years before she even saw the fighter again. In that time logic would state that he would have gotten over his foolish little infatuation with her, but logic rarely came into play when you were a Turk. Logically all Turks were murders, and yet they didn’t usually consider themselves as such. So, logic- for the most part- had no part in a Turks’ life. Still, when he saw her again he knew his feelings for her hadn’t faded like had believed they would. His crush on her was still prominent.

In the weeks that would follows the incident with the remnants Rude would come to realize that his crush was pointless. Tifa was and always would remain one of the good guys, a thing he could never claim to be.

He knew a woman like her was out of his league. A woman like her deserved romance and compassion.

All he could offer was death and sins.
Tags: over_look, rude, tifa
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