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AVALANCHE- Misunderstood Intentions

Title: Misunderstood Intentions
Canon: Original Game Cannon
Theme + Number: 51) Limit & 71) Tingle
Characters/Pairings included: Yuffie, Cloud and mentions of Aeris and Tifa
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Summary: They thought she was fascinated by him for a different reason.
Spoilers: Original game cannon.

She could feel this general tingling across her spine every time he was around her. She would never admit it, and she had learned to hide it rather well, but still, there it was whenever she would see him. It was pushing her to the limits of her own mind, but she ignored it.

The other girls knew, of course. Girls always picked up on these things before men. They thought it was a crush, but it wasn’t that. She didn’t actually like him. It was more than he fascinated her. There was something deep inside of him that he loved to keep hidden, like a weakness she couldn’t place. A vulnerability he wanted to hide from the world, so in the end, he hid from himself.

She would watch him, head tilted to one side, examining their leader with curious eyes and small smiles. They would always ask the ninja what she was looking at, and she would smile, folding her hands behind her back and tell them nothing.

The girls always knew she was watching him.

They just always got her intentions wrong.
Tags: avalanche, mako_reactor
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