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Zell & Selphie- It's Strange, She Thinks

Title: It's Strange, She Thinks
Theme + Number: 14) Old, 39) Reunion & 52) Longing
Claim: Zell & Selphie
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Memories are a strange thing.

It is strange, she thinks, that the first time they were reunited they didn’t even know they had met before. She thinks now that perhaps in the back of their minds that they must have recognized each other in some shape or form. Like waking from a dream, that strange déjà vu feeling. A kind of feeling where you long for answers and there are none to be found.

It is strange, she thinks, now that they remember everything. They seem to act differently around each other, almost afraid to say the wrong thing, afraid to spoil their memories. There are times when she, ironically, clams up entirely around him, biting her bottom lip in order to keep from saying something stupid, and he wonders why she pretends to be someone other than herself.

He tells her this, more than once, but she seems to forget his words.

Until, of course, she surprises him by jumping onto his back in the middle of the hallway. She laughs as he stumbles and almost falls, reaching behind her to grab her, to steady them both. But she knows he isn’t angry, it’s as clear as day. Especially when he smiles at her from over his shoulder.
Tags: fated_children, selphie, zell, zell & selphie
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