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Zell & Selphie- It means Friendship

Title: It Means Friendship
Theme + Number: 44) Ink & 85) Untidy
Claim: Zell & Selphie
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Selphie and Zell spend some time together in his room.

She is oddly fascinated by the curves he is etching across her skin, a stark black ink against the pale of her skin. She watches him draw a design across her arm she can’t quite figure out, but is oddly familiar to the design on his face. It is both a comfort and strange. He can’t decide which it is more of.

She stretches out her legs in front of her, kicking papers off of the bed and onto the floor of his messy room. She asked him when she first came in how he could live like that, and he just smiled and told her it had become pattern. If it worked, why deviate from it?

Her eyes jumped back to her arm and the black ink rapidly drawing across it, smiling slightly. “Why this pattern?”

He looked up at her, eyes smiling. “It means friendship.”

Well, she thought, she could definitely have worse friends.
Tags: fated_children, selphie, zell, zell & selphie
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