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FFVII- How It's Supposed To Be

Title: How It's Supposed To Be
Author: butterflys_fics
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Rude/Tifa, Senna (OC)
Prompt: 14) Sing (50scenes)
Word Count: 190
Rating: G
Summary: They both figured this was what was supposed to be.
Warnings: Nope.
Disclaimer: I do not own any FFVII characters. They are all the property of Squarenix.

He always thought she was adorable, twirling in a circle, her dark hair trailing behind her. They knew from an early age she would attract attention wherever she went, just because there was something about her that managed to catch people’s eye. Some kind of deep beauty that shown out through her pale blue eyes.

She would spin there in a circle, her younger siblings watching her from out of the corner of their eyes as she sang, rather badly. She would do that for hours, until her legs got too tired to support her.

That’s when Rude would pick her up, cradling her to his chest, watching her tiny little fists curl around his jacket, mumbling quietly as she drifted closer to the sweet oblivion of sleep.

He would lay her down in her tiny little bed, uncurl her fingers from around his coat, and tuck her into bed while his wife’s arms would wrap tightly around his waist. He would turn his head and kiss her temple, the two of them quietly watching their first born sleep. Perhaps, they both agreed, this was the best thing in life.
Tags: 50scenes, rude, rude/tifa, senna, tifa, tifa/rude
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