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Rory & Justin- A Supposed Good Plan

Title: A Supposed Good Plan
Rating: G
Characters: Rory Martinez, Justin Takarai
Genre: General
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: This story is a part of ffvii_tng, created by myself and pariswriter82. Justin is Tseng & Elena's oldest son, and Rory is one of Rude and Tifa's daughters.
Disclaimer: Only original characters are owned by either pariswriter82 or myself. Justin is hers, Rory is mine.

Rory blinked curiously at the boy in front of her, head tilted to one side. “Just, what are we doing?”

The boy pressed a finger in front of his lips. “Quiet, Rory.”

The girl’s eyes skipped back towards the open door, glancing at everyone outside. She bit her lip, scanning the crowd for either of their parents, then looked back at the older child. “What are we doing?”

“Just watch.”

“For what?”

“Make sure Mom and Dad don’t come in.”

Rory pouted. “Tell me what you’re doing.”

“Just keep watch.”


“Please, Rory.”

Rory sighed, tugging softly on her dark hair. Justin had that pouty little puppy look on his face he always got whine he wanted to convince her to do something, and he knew that look always made her give in. It never failed. “Fine,” she relented. “Just…..hurry.”

The boy flashed her a brilliant smile, rounding the corner in the kitchen and leaving Rory to watch everyone outside. Her gaze skipped around, one small foot half out the door, the rest of her inside, peering around the doorframe, eyes attentive.

She heard the distinct sound of a chair moving, and half turned towards him. “Justin?”

“Keep watch, Rory.”

“What are you doing?”

“Rory, just-”


Rory blinked, hurrying just as fast as her little legs could carry her over to where Justin had vanished.

Standing on one of the kitchen chairs stood her friend, covered in chocolate cake, the plate that held it on the floor. The boy was blinking, completely surprised to find himself covered in the sticky icing and the chunks of cake that were slowly falling off of his clothes. He looked utterly ridiculous, half sputtering, half afraid.

Rory couldn’t help it, seeing her friend like that, she burst out laughing, covering her mouth with one tiny hand, clutching her stomach and crinkling her crisp white dress.

Justin pouted at her. “Not funny, Rory.”

But of course that only made her laugh more.

Justin hopped off the chair, pieces of cake flying off everywhere as he did. Rory met his eyes and saw it: that mischievous look he had when he had an idea.

Rory shook her head slightly, stepping back from him slightly, not knowing what he had planned, but not liking it either way.

Of course Justin was faster, and before Rory could get far, he had wrapped his arms around her, crushing the cake on his shirt against the front of her dress, laughing as he pulled away.

Rory looked down at her dress, eyes wide, then her bottom lip started to quiver.


The girl sniffled, then, before Justin knew it, the girl was crying, running out of the kitchen and out to the yard, running up to her parents in her ruined little dress.

Even ten years later Rory wondered why they were still best friends.

And Justin still insisted his plan had been a good one.

At the time, of course.
Tags: ffvii_tng, justin, rory
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