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FFVII- Requiem Of Love- Prologue: Closure

Title: Requiem Of Love- Prologue: Closure
Rating: PG
Word Count: 524
Characters Included: Yuffie, Tseng, mentions of Godo, Kiara, Jared, Brianna, Ginny, and Tseng's sons
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Takes place in the world of ffvii_tng

Chapter Index

Yuffie Kisaragi sat watching the guy across the desk from her scribbling away on a stack of papers. She titled her head to one side, then rested her chin on the edge of the desk, searching across the desk to try to get an idea as to what he was doing, but she couldn’t quite figure it out.

The older man looked up at her, raising an eyebrow. “Something I can help you with?”

She shook her head, smiling slightly. “No, I’m perfectly fine.”

Tseng’s eyebrow remained arched. “Are you quite certain?”

She nodded slightly, sitting back in her seat. “Just wondering if you were going to go back to Wutai like you were asked.”

The Man’s’s eyes jumped back to the page before him. “Why would I do that?”

“To see your mother?”

“Perhaps another time.”

“You don’t want to see him, do you?”


“It wasn’t his choice, Tseng.”

“He made a choice.”

“Big brother-”

“Yuffie, please.” Once again the Former Turk’s dark gaze jumped to her. “Don’t make excuses for him.”

“You don’t understand the pressure he’s been under his whole life.”

“I don’t understand pressure?”

“Okay, you do, but not that kind of pressure.”


Yuffie sighed for about the tenth time since she had planted herself in Tseng’s office. Ever since his mother and Godo had gotten married she had been trying time and time again to get him to return to Wutai more than just to see his mother, but each time he found some reason to stay behind at ShinRa, stating that there were too many things that needed to get done. She had even tried to convince him that it would be good for his sons to see Godo, but each time he insisted that seeing his mother was enough.

Truthfully, Yuffie didn’t particularly like her father, but a part of her pitied him, because no matter how hard he tried to develop some sort of a relationship with Tseng, the man would always push him away. She herself knew what it was like to feel pushed away by those you care about, and despite her dislike for her father, she couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

“Would it kill you to speak to him, Tseng? See what he has to say about it?”

“Of course it wouldn’t kill me, Yuffie, but I don’t see the point.”


“Closure?” He shook his head. “Closure for what, exactly?”

“The past. Maybe get some answers you’ve been searching for? What could it hurt, Tseng? Really? What could it hurt?”

Tseng sighed, placing his pen calmly down on the table. “Would it make you happy if I did this, Yuffie?”

“Yes. Gawd, you know I don’t even like Godo and I still brought Jared, Brianna and Ginny to see him. If I can do that, you can at least speak to him. If not for you, than your mother. It would make it easier for her.”

He nodded slightly. “Very well. If it will make both my mother and you happy.”

She gave him one of her rare, true smiles. “Thank you, big brother.”

“It’s quite alright, Yuffie.”
Tags: requiem of love, tseng, yuffie
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