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Tseng/Elena- Power

Title: Power
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Elena, Tseng/Elena
Word Count: 133
Warnings: Nope.
Summary: People can have strength over others.
Author's Notes: Elena's POV.

If I close my eyes will I forget all of this? It feels like I can't breathe. This is getting stronger, with each whispered word, each brush of your fingers against my calloused palm. All I know for sure if I’m trying to pretend this isn’t real. You cant see what isn’t there, can you? So how can you see this when it never existed at all?

How can you make me crumble to the ground with one touch of your lips? I close my eyes and pretend that this isn’t real. You don’t effect my very breathing, you don’t control every aspect of my being. You don’t have that much power. You don’t, I swear, and nothing can make me say you do.

You don’t control me.

I can stronger than that.
Tags: elena, elena/tseng, ffvii, tseng, tseng/elena
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