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Zell & Selphie- Past and Present

Title: Past and Present
Theme + Number: 13) Young, 30) Truth & 37) Seperation
Claim: Zell and Selphie
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Zell thinks about the past.

When they were younger, he would often wonder what went on inside the strange brunette girl’s head. She was one of the most hyper people he had ever met, and there were times when he couldn’t stand to be around her. Her ways would give him headache; her voice would sting his senses. That wasn’t to say he wasn’t friends with the young girl, he was, good friends actually. He actually could honestly say she was one of his closest friends. Well, now that he remembered of course.

It was easy for him to remember now that there were time when all the children would be separated, split up to spend some time on their own, and he remember her being the one he looked forwards to seeing again the most. He understood her best.

Guess some things never change.
Tags: fated_children, selphie, selphie & zell, zell, zell & selphie
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