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Rude- Unnecessary Kindness

Title: Unnecessary Kindness
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Rude
Characters Included: Rude, Tifa
Prompt: 80) Healing
Word Count: 103
Rating: K

She was real sweet to watch over me while I was healing. It was a little unnecessary, of course, but still sweet nonetheless.

She kept coming in to check on me, changing my bandages when needed. She made me soup and tea and tried to help me keep as much stress off me as possible.

It was one of the sweetest things anyone ever did for me, but I wanted her to sit down and keep me company more than anything, so when she came in I grabbed her and tugged her down next to me, kissing her cheek.

She smiled and stayed.
Tags: drabbles100, rude
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