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Title: Rather Odd
Canon: Original game canon
Theme + Number: 15) Fire, 26) Wutai & 39) Dark (mako_reactor)
Characters/Pairings included: Vincent, Yuffie, Aeris, Tifa, Cloud
Rating: K
Warnings: None.
Summary: Vincent watches them as they rest.
Spoilers: Only for the Wutai side mission in the original game.

He liked to sit there watching them in silence in the orange glow of the fire. There, just outside of Wutai, most of their group refusing to speak to the petite little ninja who only hours before had stole all of their materia and had been kidnapped.

She was sitting there with her legs pulled up to her chest, chin pressed to her knees. He supposed that they really shouldn’t have been as mad at her as they were. She was, after all, still a child, so much younger than the rest of them. But, perhaps the anger was necessary. Leave a child in the dark long enough and they will do whatever it takes to be brought into the light. Fear and loneliness will always win out. Perhaps, if they left her like that long enough, unspoken to, she would learn her lesson. Maybe not.

The gunman watched the young man the group had dubbed there leader sit quietly, looking brooding and angry at himself and the world while his best friend, the young fighter, tried to comfort him with her quiet words and soft smiles.

Movement caught his attention and he turned his head ever slightly to see the young flower girl- they had said her name was Aeris, hadn’t they?- move over to sit by the ninja. The older woman smiled as she spoke, most likely trying to make the younger girl feel better.

The ninja hiccupped and sighed, then against the older girl, crying into her shoulder.

The flower girl wrapped her arms around the girl, whispering to her still.

He decided then, that this group really was a rather odd one.
Tags: avalanche, mako_reactor
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