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Reno/Tifa for _overthefantasy

Title: I Love You Anyway
Author: butterflys_fics
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Reno/Tifa
Theme: #7- Betrayal
Rating: PG
Summary: It is amazing how easy it is to hurt the one you love

You told me you would never hurt me, and like a fool I believed you. Perhaps I am just a romantic fool who believe what people say because I can’t help but think ‘love is love and it is always true’ but I believed you when you promised you would never hurt me. You were always so gentle with me, so against your nature. You were wild and crazy and a jokester, but you knew I was hurt before and you promised you would never put me through that pain. You promised, you promised.

So why am I sitting here so heartbroken? Why does my chest hurt? Why do I sit here crying? Why is it that Cloud has to comfort me? Cloud who hurt me before without realizing it. Cloud who has his own pain too. Why should Cloud have to try to help me heal the pain you caused. Its so unfair to him and I, to have to cling to each other so desperately because of what life has thrown at us.

Was this your plan all along? Make me love you and then throw it all away and throw me back into the arms of the man who had broken my heart before? Was it just a game to you, a world of lies that you weaved around my head to make me yours long enough to have some fun before you cast me aside like an old toy. You left me out in the rain that is sorrow and never looked back. Oh the feeling of being hurt by the one you love!

I gave you my heart. “I am very weak and fragile,” I told you. “I can act strong when I have to, but Reno I am so weak.”

And you gave me that damn smile of yours and told me you would protect me from this harsh world. You would be my comfort, you would be my strength, and damn it all I believed those words! I gave in to your firm kisses, faltered to your roaming hands. I gave you everything I was, pressed myself into your warmth and your kindness. This was my world, this was my life. You became my everything so how could you treat me like I was nothing?

Cloud tries to understand it but I know he doesn’t. This is not his life, not his pain. His is different, he has suffered through death, now I suffer through life. I suffer when I hear your name, when you come here with your friends and your laugh. I find myself holding onto anything solid I can find so I don’t crumble to a heap on the floor and just cry until my body can’t cry anymore, until the tears are dry.

I used to find comfort in your arms, in the dark of night, but oh how those days are over, and despite your hurting me, despite this burning pain I want them back.

You made me love you, then you left me to scatter to the wind. But through it all I can’t hate you. I love you anyway.

I love you anyway.
Tags: overthefantasy, reno, reno/tifa, tifa, tifa/reno
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