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Tseng- There Had To Be Another Reason

Title: There Had To Be Another Reason
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Tseng
Other characters/pairings: Elena, slight Tseng/Elena
Table/Theme Name & Number: Table VII- Theme 2: Smile (over_look)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None really. Vague mentions of violence.
Summary: He was never one to smile.

It was a very rare occasion that he smiled. He was more of a solemn person than anything. That wasn’t to say he never felt happy or amused enough to smile, but it was truly a rare occasion when he would, in fact, smile. He had trained himself long ago to seem almost devoid of emotion. In his line of work they rarely did any good. They, in fact, could be very dangerous- were someone able to read what was on his mind or in his heart, he and those around him could easily be hurt. Such a terrible thought.

It was, however, the little things about her that always made him have to fight off a smile. He would watch her, always secretly of course because he had to face the facts that his feelings for her weren’t exactly appropriate, and her little quirks would always make his mouth turn up slightly at the corners before he would shake his head and look away from her.

There were times, on missions, that he would watch her, the way she chewed casually on the bottom of her hair when she was nervous. There was always this one strand that fell in front of her face, one strand that would cover her eyes, and she would tug it down, biting the bottom of it between her teeth, eyes ever on the target. It was oddly amusing and perfectly like her- adorable. Of course, that wasn’t to say he didn’t realize just how dangerous she could be. He was, after all, her partner, and knew all too well that it could be hazardous to anger the petite blonde. Far too many enemies had made the mistake of thinking her harmless- and in turn angered her- and there were a great deal of instances where he would stand back and watch her make their enemy scream in pain, pride swelling deep within his chest.

He often questioned if he felt this way because he loved her, but also often doubted that was true. Love wasn’t something that Turks did, after all. It wasn’t in their nature to care enough about someone to call it love. No, he respected her strength, enjoyed her quirks. And how could he not? He had helped train her, watched her turn from an overeager rookie to a highly skilled and very beautiful woman that was more than able to take orders and does the mission set before her with ease. She had blossomed into someone he could be proud to call his partner, some one he was proud to know and work with. A true Turk, and a beautiful one at that.

No, he refused to believe he loved her. There was no way. He told himself that first time he had kissed her, listening to her steady breathing, her small gasp, tasting the sweetness of her mouth, that he wasn’t in love with her. There had to be another reason why he made her smile.

And he was determined to find it.
Tags: over_look, tseng
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