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Vincent/Lucrecia- He Would Always Wish

Title: He Would Always Wish
Author: butterflys_fics
Theme: Theme Set 1: #13- "What a waste." (15pairings)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Vincent Valentine/Lucrecia Crescent
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in FFVII, I am merely using them for my own story and fun.

They all had to agree it was a shame. He was, after all, a very attractive man. It seemed such a waste for him to be so hopelessly in love with someone who would never love him the way he deserved it. It was, a shame really that a man like him that could be so rejected by the woman he had fallen helpless in love with.

She was a beautiful woman, and everyone could agree with that, but it was quite pointless for him to pine over someone like her. She was out of his reach.

He remembers looking at her every move, watching her and wishing she could love him like he loved her. She was more intriguing to him than he thought any woman could be. There was something about her mannerisms that made him unable to draw his attention away from her. Maybe it was her intelligence, or the way her eye twitched when she was annoyed, or how her nose would crinkle ever so slightly when she was in deep thought. Maybe it was all of those things and more that made him love her despite all logic.

In the end, perhaps he had always realizes she would never love him like he loved her. In the end though, that didn’t matter. He couldn’t control how he felt about her. He was, of course, hopelessly in love with the beautiful scientist. He was, in fact, so in love with her that he died for her, took his life into his own hands and stood up to the very person that had been doing horrible things to her- her so-called husband.

In the end in was the fact that he couldn’t save her that he would regret the most in his life. All the other horrible things he had done- all the killings in the name of ShinRa, all the blood that had stained his hands- didn’t really matter. It was her face that was in his head when he locked himself away in that basement. It was her face that he saw when he joined the ragtag team trying to destroy the very company he had once murdered for. It was her face he saw every time he closed his eyes and her face that kept sleep from claiming him.

It was such a waste, they all agreed, each time that he would disappear for months at a time, that he couldn’t let go of the woman he had lived and died for. He would sit in that cave, watching her forever frozen in time, and wish that she could have loved him like he had loved her.

They would all sit in Tifa’s bar and sigh, waiting for him to return. “What a waste,” Tifa would whisper and they would all agree, but they would never tell him so. It was rather pointless.
Tags: 15pairings, lucrecia, lurcrecia/vincent, vincent, vincent/lucrecia
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