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AVALANCHE- Impatience

Title: Impatience
Canon: Original game canon
Theme + Number: 11) Black, 13) Water, 40) All the way, 68) Honesty & 79) Small (mako_reactor)
Characters/Pairings included: Yuffie, Tifa and Aeris
Rating: K
Warnings: None.
Summary: The girls have a conversation while waiting for the group to decide to move on.

For the third time in less than twenty minutes, the small black-haired ninja sighed. She was getting frustrated, just sitting there. Aeris supposed she couldn’t blame her. Back when she was around the ninja’s age, she too was much more impatient. Age, the flower girl assumed, it what made you learn to be patient with life, to let it come as it will. Life happened at it’s own pace.

Tifa rubbed the young ninja’s back softly, trying to calm her, but Yuffie’s leg kept twitching with impatience. She wanted to move on. Not surprising. Staying in one place for too long could seem rather tedious.

“We’ll be moving on soon,” Tifa told the younger girl.

Yuffie sighed, tapping her foot rapidly against the dirt. “How do you know?”

“Honestly?” Aeris asked, smiling at the young girl. “We don’t, but Cloud is quite impatient. He will want to be moving on soon as well.”

“You’re going to stay with us, right Yuffie?”

The ninja blinked at the barmaid, almost seeming shocked at the question. She cleared her throat quietly, then shifted, almost uncomfortably. “Sure. All the way to the end.”

Aeris could sense something inside the girl’s voice, something that told her she was hiding something, but she let it go, sipping water from the metal cup in her hand, watching the girl twitch and tap her way through her impatience.
Tags: avalanche, mako_reactor
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