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Rude- Wounded

Title: Wounded
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Rude (claim), Reno, Tseng, Elena
Prompt: 42) Rain (100_situations)
Word Count: 285
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They went searching for her.

When they found Elena, it was raining. Three hours of looking for her had thrown Tseng into a panicked state. He was calm and collected about it, as always, but Rude knew his boss better than to think that he was in fact calm about it. He could look as calm as he wanted from the outside, but he could tell inside his boss was in a panic just by looking in his eyes. The cool, collected exterior of his boss was always easy to find out as false just by looking in his eyes.

Elena was bleeding profusely, slipping in and out of consciousness when they found her sprawled out in one of the alley ways. Rude had sent Reno off to find their boss while Rude kneeled down, propping the girl up against his chest.

She gave him a weak smile. “Guess I’m still a rookie,” she whispered to him.

Rude didn’t respond, but she hadn’t really expected him to. He very rarely spoke unless words were necessary, and they weren’t necessary at the moment. But she knew her injuries had to be bad if the look in his eyes said anything.

Rude cradled the young girl against his chest as they waited for the other two Turks, pushing her wet blonde hair away from her face, watching her bleed as he pressed his hand against the wound on her side, watching the opening of the alley as her breathing slowed until Tseng and Reno appeared in the alley’s entrance, rushing to them, and his boss leaned down, taking the petite woman into his arms.

Rude didn’t tell him that even in the rain he could see his boss was about to cry.
Tags: 100_situations, rude
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