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Rinoa for fated_children

Title: Everything Must End
Theme + Number: #100- Peace
Character: Rinoa
Rating: T
Warnings: Um, fluff and a little angst I guess?
Summary: She knows everything must end, so she bids goodbye to the one she loves. You decide who that is. ;)

Everything must end at some point, no matter how much you wish it didn’t have to. It may cause pain, it may cause heartache, but all things must end. All things must end.

I wish that I could stay like this forever, lost in this dream world I have found myself in where happiness is right at my fingertips. I wish I could spent eternity with my fingers pressed against your skin, watch them dance along your skin and press my lips to your mouth for all eternity. I wish life was kind and I wish life was fair. I wish so many things that will never be

This place is my peace; the pains of the outside world slip away while I am in your arms. But the outside world is reality and this is just a dream we have created. But oh how I cherish this dream and every shallow breath that breaks through the silence, every stolen kiss, every fumbling wandering touch that we share in the dark. I find peace in your arms, meaning for my existence when I look into your eyes.

I find myself aching for you when we are apart, find myself forgetting the sound of your voice, the taste of your lips, the love in your eyes. I find myself distantly broken, heart full of anguish at the mere idea of parting from you and forgetting the nights of passion and tangled limbs.

You are my solace, you are my saving grace. You are the world to me, and everything could fall apart outside these walls when we are together and nothing would matter. I would be here, safe, warm, loved

But everything has to end my love. Every union, every life, every pain. This isn’t different, we aren’t that special. We are meant to severe, meant to drift away from each other like passing ships in the night. We are to remove ourselves from this warm embrace, turn our gaze away from each other, forget that sinking feeling in our stomachs when we are apart.

So kiss me my love just one more time. Let me cherish our last moments together, let me carry them around with me for eternity. Let me hear you say my name just one more time, the honey sweet way it rolls from your tongue and floats to my ears. Let me touch you just one more time, hold you in my arms. Let me have a memory that I can savor, a memory that will last me through the lonely years.

Kiss me one more time my love. It is time to say goodbye.
Tags: fated_children, rinoa
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