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Tseng/Elena- The Things Unsaid- Chapter 6: Something To Sleep To

Title: The Things Unsaid- Chapter 6: Something To Sleep To
Rating: MA (NC-17)
Fandom: FFVI
Claim: Tseng/Elena
Characters: Elena, Tseng
Prompt: 26) Candles (40_loves)
Word Count: 1816
Author's Notes: This story will get darker as it goes on.
Warnings: Violence and sex. Graphic sex.
Summary:Since being attacked by the remnants of Sephiroth both Tseng and Elena have changed, for the better and the worse. They are about to be forced to face what they are and who they have become, and face what they feel for each other, or else the very things they care about may be destroyed.
Author's Note: Dedicated to pariswriter82. She will see why when she reads it. Her idea, I swear. *shifty eyes*

Chapter Index

February 18

Tseng and I haven’t really spoken since he practically swallowed my tongue last month. He seems to be quite content with ignoring me. Well, if that’s what he wants to do, then let him.

I am more than happy to pretend this little thing never happened if that’s what he wants. I don’t have the energy to sit there and fight with him about it. If he wants it to go away, then it can go away. It isn’t as though I want either of us losing sleep over it.

Yuffie stopped by the diner the other day. She sat in the far corner so we could talk in private. The president had sent her with information. We knew she would be coming, but she came earlier than expected. She wasn’t supposed to come for another week, at least. But she had to come early. She was heading back to Wutai and needed to pass on the information now.

Apparently the young Wutaian princess was pregnant- not that I had to ask who the father was, but she told me anyway that it was Vincent Valentine- and needed to return to Wutai for some sort of a ceremony that they perform on pregnant members of royalty.

I don’t know why, really, but a part of me was jealous of the little ninja. She got to have someone who cared for her, a life.

I never would.

The power had gone out shortly after it started to grow dark. Elena closed her journal and watched Tseng pacing around the room. She had been forced to write in her journal by candlelight and though the idea didn’t bother her, it had been somewhat of a hassle.

She did, however, have to admit that Tseng looked very attractive in that light.

He had gone to see the landlord twice already to get the electricity fixed. He was desperate to see things in the full light again.

At the present moment he was pacing back and forth across the living room floor. He had been doing so for the last twenty or so minutes. It was really beginning to get on her nerves.

“Tseng, you are going to wear a hole through the floor. Stop pacing already.”

He turned an unfriendly look towards her. “When I want your opinion, I will ask for it.”

She stood with a sigh. “Fine, be an annoying jerk and pace yourself into a coma for all I care. I’m going to bed.”

She was on her way towards her bedroom when he reached out and grabbed her arm, tugging her against him. She stumbled, pressing her hand against the firm expanse of his chest, blinking up at him, defiance burning in her eyes.

“I may not mind you speaking your mind, Elena, but I am still your superior, and you will act like I am such.”

Her eyes sparked. “Yes, sir.”

She could swear there was amusement in his eyes, but she knew she had to be wrong. Tseng was rarely amused, but when he was, it was dangerous. “You wish to go to bed? Fine.”

His grip still tight on her arm he dragged her into the bedroom, practically tossing her onto the bed. She gazed up at him, shock shinning clearly in her eyes. Okay, she had pissed him off.

Tseng’s tall form stalked to the edge of the bed, leaning down and pressing his palms on either side of her legs, face close to hers. “What has been wrong with you lately, Elena?”

Her eyes flashed again. “Me? You’re the one having mood swings!”

He eye twitched slightly. “Is that right?”

“Damn right! And you’re the one going way beyond keeping cover.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You practically had your tongue down my throat last month, and that was when we were alone! Damn, Tseng, if you’re that sexually frustrated, go masturbate or something.”

She regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth, because she felt him tug her legs hard, sending her back, her head narrowly missing the headboard as she fell back against the bed, then he was leaning over her, eyes wild and crazed, legs placed in between hers, daring her with his eyes to move, and though her body screamed too, she could she couldn’t, not yet.

His lips crashed down on hers, hungry and needy, firm and insistent. She squirmed beneath him, tried to move, then lashed out with her fist, putting all the strength she could into her fist. It wouldn’t have done much good if she hadn’t caught him off guard, but as such it was enough to knock him off of her, enough to give her time to scramble off the bed and make a dash for living room.

She didn’t make it too far into the living room before Tseng grabbed her arm, pulling her backwards. She lost her balance, stumbling and falling to the floor, dragging him down with her, knocking several candles over to the hardwood floor in the process. The wax splattered onto the floor, extinguishing the flames.

She clawed at him, lashed out with all her might, but her was stronger than her and ducked her futile attempts at attack easily. His anger, his aggression, it was both frightening and oddly arousing. Something dark inside of her was getting turned on by this. Some dark part of her. It was the part of her that was still very much an animal, the part that enjoyed fear, but still, she wanted to get away.

She leaned up, bit down hard on his ear, felt his blood flow into her mouth, listened to him growl, used his shock to roll them over so she was on top of him, glaring down at him, both of them panting, her head throbbing, his ear bleeding. She glared down at him, met his equally angry eyes.

His hands came up and gripped her shirt tightly, tugging on it. She felt the fabric pull tight against her skin, then heard it tear before seeing it fall to the ground. She growled, her nails digging into his arms. She sat on top of him, breathing heavy, completely topless, chest heaving. She knew how ridiculous she must have looked, the defiant little doll, but she was pissed.

He rolled them back over, pinning her beneath them with the strength she knew he had but rarely showed, reached down and tugged her pants down, pulling them from her body harshly. She cried out as the cool air hit her legs, but he didn’t seem to notice as his hands ran up her legs, as she growled at him, chest heaving. He gripped her underwear firmly and pulled the garment from her body much in the same way he had her shirt, tearing the thin fabric.

She made a small sound of protest, scratching at him, but he silenced her, sliding his hand between her legs and stroking her, slowly at first, then faster, determined to make her relent her anger, to whimper or cry out. But she was stubborn and his strokes seemed to have little effect on her.

He growled, gripping her hips tight enough that she knew she would have bruises in the morning, then he was sliding away and she couldn't see his face anymore. She could feel him, his breath warm on her thighs, then his tongue inside of her, kissing her, all quick and demanding, as feral as his other kisses.

She bit her lip, refused to make a sound as he lapped at her like some kind of a strange giant cat. A part of her was purring, something deep within her chest. She was angry and aroused and had to admit that no one had ever made her feel this way before. He growled deeply, bit down harshly, painfully on her clit, and that sent her spiraling over the edge, send her into the whimper he had demanded.

She blinked at him with hazy eyes, scratched at him when his face appeared in her view again, but when his lips crashed down on hers again, she returned the kiss, just as feral, just as hungry as him, tasting herself on his tongue. She gripped his shirt tightly, pulling it away from him in pieces, swallowed his growl.

His mouth left hers, trailed down her chest taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking harshly, drawing a ragged cry from Elena’s mouth, a gasp of outrage. Apparently he hadn’t liked that reaction because he bit down hard on her breast, tasting the copper tang of her blood flowing over his tongue.

She cried out, shocked and angry, beating at him to get away from her, yet a part of her didn’t want him away.

She didn’t even realize he had stripped the rest of the way until he slammed into her, and that was the only way she could put it. It was quick and rough and made tears spring to her eyes. She whimpered pitifully as he thrust into her, quick, frantic, as if he wasn’t in control of himself anymore. One look in his eyes told her he wasn’t: he had gone beyond reason, beyond rational thought, and he wasn’t going to stop, couldn’t stop until this was done.

He gripped her thighs, pulled her closer to him, thrusting himself deeper inside of her with a grunt, wrapping her legs around his waist as he moved faster, deeper. She cried out softly. It hurt, and it didn’t. Her body wasn’t even sure. All she knew was she had to close her eyes, couldn’t see him, couldn’t bring herself to keep her eyes open. She felt it, that build up that said she was close.

He must have felt it too, somewhere in his crazed mind, because his thrust became rougher, more demanding, almost going through her until she cried out beneath him, clamping down around him, leaning up to bite his shoulder and hide the sound. She heard him grunt, felt him empty himself inside of her before she pulled her mouth away from his shoulder, collapsing to the floor in a sweaty, panting mess.

He fell on top of her, a solid weight that wasn’t entirely unpleasant. “Elena, I-”

“Shh. Don’t.”

He rolled over, pulling her against his side. “I am sorry, Elena. I don’t know what came over me.”

She focused on trying to get her breathing back to normal. “Okay.”

“I will make this up to you, Elena.”

She didn’t respond.

Didn’t he know, as feral as it had been, she had wanted to be with him for almost as long as she knew him?

She sighed, slowly drifting off to sleep on the cold living room floor, Tseng’s arms around her, listening to the sound of his heart beat, their bodies becoming sticky in the night air.
Tags: 40_loves, elena, elena/tseng, the things unsaid, tseng, tseng/elena
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