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FFVII- Get Used To The Change

Title: Get Used To The Change
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Rufus Shinra, Tifa Lockhart
Prompt: #20- Brandy (30_beverages)
Word Count: 281
Rating: PG

It didn’t really surprise Tifa that Rufus was a brandy drinker. He just seemed the type. Rich and powerful seemed to scream brandy to her, but what did surprise her was the fact that he had come into her bar. That was something she never expected.

Of course the fact that the Turks came to her bar frequently was probably one of the main reasons she found Rufus Shinra sitting in her bar.

Her first instinct, of course, was to be suspicious. No longer enemies or not, she still really didn’t trust him further than she could throw him. He was always up to something, always trying to get things. Rufus was always in it for number one: himself.

And to hell with everyone else who could get in the way.

She placed the drink down on the table, watching Rufus nod in thanks. She hesitated, waiting to say something or to hear him say something. Neither happened.

She forced herself a smile. “If you need anything else-”

“I will let you know. Thank you, Miss Lockhart.”

Three years ago she had met him at the ShinRa building following the death of her father and had been fascinated by his resolve, and despite her hatred for ShinRa and the man’s feelings towards the world around him, she had found herself oddly curious about the man and how he was.

Enemy or not she was astounded by him.

She made her way across the bar, sliding back behind the counter.

In her mind Rufus Shinra had always been a very interesting man, but now she had to get used to him being an ally rather than an enemy.

Easier said than done.
Tags: 30_beverages, ffvii, rufus, tifa
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