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Vincent/Yuffie- Who Thinks About Leaving When You're Livin'

Title: Who Thinks About Leaving When You're Livin'
Canon: AC
Theme + Number: 10) Sacrifice & 25) Midgar
Claim: Vincent/Yuffie
Characters/Pairings included: Vincent, Yuffie, mentions of Aeris
Rating: K+
Warnings: Nope.
Summary: Standing at the edge...
Spoilers: For the original game.

Standing at the edge of the Midgar ruins Yuffie wrapped her arms around herself. It was a ghost town- or the shambles of a city to be more accurate. She imagined the ghosts of those who died wandering around, lost souls who had no idea they were dead and that their city was no more.

She thought of Aeris and her warming smile, of the sacrifice that the girl had made for their world, the sacrifices they had all made just to protect their planet, and yet things seemed to just keep happening, little stupid things that put their world in danger again.



“Are you alrgiht?”

She nodded slightly, turning to look at her companion. “Just thinking.”

“Nothing too serious I hope.”

She smiled slightly, stepping up next to him and soon wandering slightly in front of him. “You know me, Vinnie. I’m never serious.”

He didn’t bother letting her know he had seen the tears in her eyes.
Tags: mako_reactor, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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