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Vincent/Yuffie- Vampire Wannabe

Title: Vampire Wannabe
Rating: K+
Canon: Original Game
Theme + Number: 5) Hot, 16) Electricity, 20) Holy, 24) Rocket & 35) Hole
Claim: Vincent/Yuffie
Characters/Pairings included: Vincent, Yuffie
Warnings: Nope
Summary: Vincent had to sigh...
Spoilers: Just for the original game.

Vincent had to sigh as they reached Rocket Town and Yuffie started babbling on and on about how Cid was loud and rude. He wondered how she could call Cid loud when she herself was louder than the rest of them combined most of the time. He did, however, find it amusing that Cid could push the little ninja’s buttons with a few well placed words and by calling her “woman” more than once.

Yuffie’s face would get bright red and she would stop her foot, skin hot and temper rising. Vincent would watch quietly, arms folded across his chest as the young girl ranted and raved in front of the dark gunman, complaining that they needed Cid around them like they needed a hole in the head.

Vincent arched an eyebrow, letting the young girl rant for a while, then sighed, reaching out and grabbing the girl’s arm. He almost flinched. Somehow she had managed to send some sort of electric charge through his skin just by being around him. “Yuffie, calm down.”

“He’s so rude!”

“Perhaps, but for now, would his presence really be such a bother?”

She pouted, pulling her arm away, surprisingly disappointing him. “Maybe not.”

“Then you will have to make due with his attitude.”

She smiled at him, tilting her head to one side. “When did you get to smart?”

He arched an eyebrow. “Were you under the impression I was unintelligent?”

She shook her head, backing away slowly. “Nah, just some sort of a vampire wannabe.”

He wanted to ask where that came from, but he decided not to make her explain.

He probably wouldn’t like the answer anyway.
Tags: mako_reactor, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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