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Rude- Awkard Company

Title: Awkward Company
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Rude
Characters Included: Rude, Reno, Elena, Yuffie, Cloud, Rufus, Tifa
Prompt: 92) Christmas
Word Count: 122
Rating: K

Tifa had been nice enough to invite all of us to the Christmas celebration that AVALANCHE was having at her bar. “We should start building bridges,” she had said. “We aren’t enemies anymore.”

I could tell how awkward everyone was- Cloud was making a good point of avoiding Rufus all night, obviously not ready to forgive him for what he had done, and yet surprisingly Reno and Yuffie seemed to be bonding over something in the corner, joking around and making Elena roll her eyes.

“Are you alright?”

I turned to our lovely hostess. “Fine.”

“You’re all alone.”

I shrugged.

“If you want…I’ll keep you company.”

I hesitated, looked around the room, then back to her, before nodding. “That would be nice.”
Tags: drabbles100, rude
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