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Vincent/Yuffie- Silent Protector

Title: Silent Protector
Rating: K+
Canon: Original Game
Theme + Number: 56) Ties, 62) Bang, 63) Quick & 69) Loyalty
Claim: Vincent/Yuffie
Characters Included: Vincent, Yuffie
Warnings: Nope
Summary: He could try to deny it....

Somehow he had found himself hopelessly and completely bound to her. He could try to deny it all he wanted, but he had to know, just had to know, that he was bound to this strange little ninja that had wormed her way into his once cold heart. (He would never admit it, even now, that she had awoken a warmth in him that he had thought long dead, gone with his humanity and he woman he died trying to save.)

He had found himself bound to her (a strange act of loyalty that came from her awakening what was left of his human side) rather early on. (But once again he would never admit it.) He would deny (of course) that he cared for the welfare of this strange, hyperactive girl. Why would someone like him care about what happened to someone like her? It didn’t make any sense. (Such a foolish, foolish man he was.)

It amazed him how little time it actually took for her to take control of his heart. (Ask him now and he will still claim that his heart is cold and desolate- not fitting for anyone to reside inside, the damn liar he is.) One second he was indifferent to her (or so he claims) and the next he found himself watching after her (hiding in the shadows), making sure no harm came to her, and when he was sure she wasn’t looking, and when something was about to attack her, all she would hear was the bang of the silent gunman’s gun as he saved her (again) from the enemy she didn’t see.

He knew deep down that she knew he was there. (How could she not?) But he would deny it for until the day he died. Or she died. Whichever came first. (And he knew, sadly, it would be the later.)
Tags: mako_reactor, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie, yuffie/vincent
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