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Rude/Tifa- Alright

Title: Alright
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Tifa Lockhart/Rude
Prompt: #6: Control
Word Count: 319
Rating: T
Summary: She knew sometimes...

She knew sometimes his anger was hard control. Not that he ever really got mad at her. It seemed, ironically, that she couldn’t get him angry even if she tried, and every once in a while she would try just to see if she could. Instead he would get depressed and feel, suddenly, as though she didn’t care for him anymore, because, of course, if she did care for him she wouldn’t be trying to upset him, would she?

She knew, however, that when he was truly angry, it was hard to control. She would sit there and watch him fume, pacing back and forth in front of her and shaking with anger.

One time when he got angry he threw a lamp against the wall near her head, shattering it to pieces. She had ducked, shielding her head from the shards.

He had stood there for a while afterwards, looking at her, watching the fear in her eyes and then rushed forward, kneeling before her and taking her face in his hands and apologizing to her, kissing her face and telling her he didn’t mean to scare her, that he was so sorry, that he loved her and wasn’t angry at her, was never angry at her.

She had kisses his face, wrapped her arms tightly around him and held him close to her, told him it was alright, that she wouldn’t, couldn’t stay mad at him. That he hadn’t done anything wrong.

He cursed himself for having no control. Cursed himself for his horrible past. Cursed himself for being with her when he didn’t deserve her.

That night she slept by his side, let him stroke her hair whispering, “I’m sorry, Tifa. I’m so sorry.”

She kissed his cheek, kissed the side of his neck, told him it was alright. “Don’t worry about it,” she told him. “I love you, Rude. Everything is going to be alright.”
Tags: otp_100, rude, tifa, tifa/rude
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