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Vincent/Yuffie- So I Wouldn't Hear

Title: So I Wouldn't Hear
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Prompt: #82- Deaf
Word Count: 272
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes:

#-082- Deaf
When she cried I wished I could go deaf.

Her tears would come down in sweetly sour heavy drops and roll down the planes of her cheeks. I would watch her shoulders shake, listen to the heart breaking sound of her crying. The sound was like glass breaking.

On the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, as she lie in my arms, the warm tan glow of her skin making my pale skin even more so, her body shook with tears. I kissed her temple, kissed her tears, held her close to be hoping to press her into my side so we would never be apart, so I would never lose someone I loved again.

She wrapped her hand around my good one, entwining her fingers with mine. She pressed the length of her body against mine, sobbed against my chest. She reached out slowly, her free hand land softly on my other "hand".

I could feel myself sense, could feel myself pull away. Even now something inside of me, that darkness in my heart, was telling me to rip her tender flesh to pieces.

“You're always drifting away, Vincent,” she cried. “I try to help you, but you're always drifting away.” She kissed my mouth almost desperately. “You're such a beautiful person, Vincent. I love you so much.” She buried her face in my hair, her chin pressed against my shoulder. “Why can't you love yourself?”

I wished I could go deaf so I wouldn't hear her cry. I wished I would go deaf so I wouldn't hear her pleas.

Because I couldn't stop her crying.

And I couldn't answer her pleas.

Tags: drabbles100, ffvii, vincent, vincent/yuffie, yuffie
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