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Tseng/Elena- Some Kinda Innocent- Part 3- Into Darkness

Title: Some Kinda Innocent- Part 3- Into Darkness
Canon: Advent Children
Theme + Number: 8) Death, 17) Virus/Poison, 18) Fever, 39) Dark & 96) Sticky Situation
Claim: Tseng/Elena
Characters/Pairings included: Tseng, Elena, Reno, Yuffie
Rating: T
Warnings: Um...none unless poisoning or mentions of blood bother you.
Summary: She blames herself for what he did.
Spoilers: Nope.

Part 1 | Part 2

This was a sticky situation she had gotten herself into, no doubt. Not that she had gotten into it all on her own. In truth she was only partially to blame for the situation. Not that she hadn’t tried to help. No, she had. She had tried her hardest, but even she would admit she was slow and her skills weren’t as strong as she wished they would be. Had they been they might not have been in the situation they were in at that moment.
A loud groan from the bed made her head spring up and made her jump out of her chair and hurry over to the bed, sitting down on the edge and pressing a forehead to his forehead. The skin was warm to the touch, his fever still strong. She pushed some of his dark, dark hair away from his sweat covered face and bit her lip. The poison had been treated, but the recovery would take a while.

She took his hand and gazed down at the now healing wound on his hand and hated herself for getting him hurt.

It had been her own fault. She had been the one who was supposed to be poisoned, the one who was to be attacked. But he had stepped in front of her, he had taken the wound for her, he had taken the poison, risked death to save her.

She had watched, helpless while he defeated their enemy and then stumbled, falling backwards. She reached out for him, grabbed his shoulders and stumbled to the ground cradling him in her lap. “That was foolish, sir,” she reprimanded in as firm of a voice as she could manage.

He had given her a weak smile, his body shaking with some unshed laughter. “Not foolish at all really. Have to protect the girl, don’t I?”

She shook her head. “No, sir. I didn’t need you to do that, sir.”

“Don’t call me ‘sir’, Elena. Right now you can just call me by my name. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you call me by it.”

She had forced herself not to show him how upset or worried she was. She would be strong. She would damn it. She was strong. She wasn’t a weak little girl anymore, and even if she cared deeply about Tseng she wouldn’t let that make her feel weak. She would not show her weakness to him. She would be the strong one now, because he was hurt. And now the skin around the wound was turning a nasty shade or purple and she could feel the bile rising in the back of her throat. She swallowed hard, forced herself to look away from the wound and to his face, his beautiful, rapidly paling face. She could smell it in the air: death threatening to steal him away into everlasting night. “I’m going to get you help, alright?”

He chuckled again, softer than before. “Don’t worry about it, Elena. Take your time. It’ll take a lot more than that to kill me. It’s going to be fine. You’ll see.”

She had wanted to believe him, she really did. She wanted more than anything to believe he was going to be alright, but frankly she had doubted it greatly. He was getting so pale, his face, though trying to look open and comforting, held two eyes filled with pain, sweat dripping down his beautiful skin. She lifted the hand to her face and felt him tense.

“What are you doing, Elena?”

“Drawing the poison out,” she answered simply.


“Please, Tseng.” It had felt so good to say his name. “Let me. It might not help, but it won’t hurt. Please.”

She met his eyes and she knew, deep down she knew, that he could see the fear in her eyes. He knew she was afraid he was going to die there all because he had protected her. He hesitated, took a deep breath, then nodded. “If you wish to.”

She really didn’t want to, to be honest. The idea of sucking on the wound was actually one that made her flesh crawl, but she was going to try her hardest to help him, creepy factor be damned.
She leveled the hand close to her mouth, cast her eyes quickly to Tseng’s face and lowered her mouth over the wound and sucked. She could hear Tseng suck in a breath, and his warm blood flowed into her mouth in a slow trickle. She tasted and smelled a violent attack to the senses. She had to close her eyes against the assault on her senses. She continued to suck, and then the taste in her mouth changed and she pulled back, spit violently on the ground watching the bloody contents of her mouth spill to the dirt ground. Wiping her mouth with her sleeve she looked down at Tseng again and ripped a piece of her suit jacket off.

“Elena, you just ruined your uniform.”

“I have others.”

He was starting to say something else, but she wasn’t listening to him. She was too busy wrapping up his wounded hand, casting casual glances to his face. Then she tied the fabric tight, binding, cutting off most of the circulation in the wrist so that maybe, just maybe, the poison wouldn’t spread too far by the time she got help.

She stroked that dark, dark hair away from his face again and gave him a shaky smile. “I’m going to go get help.”

“Don’t rush, Elena. I’m fine.”

She didn’t even acknowledge that. She instead gently lowered him to the ground, dashing off in the direction of the nearest village as fast as she could.

And when they got him to care he was ghostly pale, sickly pale, like death warmed over. He was breathing shallowly, his body was shaking, sweat was pouring down his face. She was sure he was going to die, so damn sure. Her whole body was shaking with fear and unshed tears as they made her sit down in a chair down the hall while the healers worked on him.

She hadn’t known what to do and later on she would regret it, but she called Reno. She didn’t even know why then. Maybe she thought he would actually be a decent human being for once in is life. Well, that wasn’t true. Reno would be a real sweetheart when he wanted to be, but that was rare.

He was at a club again. She could tell by the noise. “Laney?”

“Tseng is hurt.”

“Who is it?”

She tensed at the voice. “Is that Yuffie?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, the ninja-girl herself. What can I do for you Laney?”

“Tseng is hurt.”

Reno paused. “What happened?”

So she had poured it all out to him, let him know everything that was going on, and somehow she had begun to cry without even realizing she was doing so.
Reno had never been good with crying women, so he had passed the phone over to Yuffie, and the petite ninja’s voice flooded over the phone.

“Hey, I’m sure he’ll be alright, you know? The healers will take good care of him. They know what they’re doing, you know?”

“It’s my fault.”

“No, its not. He chose to do what he did, now you have to choose to be strong, you know? He’s gonna be fine, so don’t worry so much. Just breathe and be strong, alright?”

She looks back at his pale face, strokes the hair away from it and hopes Yuffie was right. If Tseng didn’t recover….no….she wouldn’t think it. She wouldn’t. He was going to be alright. He was Tseng. He was strong. He would be fine.

She sat there until he calmed, until his breathing returned to normal, then slowly stood and returned to her seat.


She froze turning to look at him when she heard him quietly moan her name in his sleep, then, once she was sure he was in fact asleep she curled back up in her chair and closed her eyes, willing for the sleep she thought would never come.
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