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Tseng/Rufus/Elena- Crazy

Title: Crazy
Rating: R
Fandom: FFVII
Claim: Tseng/Rufus Shinra/Elena
Theme set/Theme: Set I: #9- General Opinion
Word count: 550
Warnings: Sexual stuff, yes indeed
Summary: They all thought she was crazy.

People told her she was insane. They thought the idea of her loving two men was ridiculous. Especially those too.

Tseng was darkness, a natural born assassin. He was Wutain, he was exotic and dark with his raven locks and cold demeanor.

Rufus was light but cold. Him with his cold blue eyes and blonde hair. He was powerful, he was dominating.

They were the perfect contrast to each other. She remembers the first time she saw them kissing. It was at the company Christmas party. They had snuck off to the corner where they wouldn’t be disturbed. She had stumbled up on them, Rufus, despite being shorter, pressing Tseng back into the wall. The president’s strong fingers were tangled in Tseng’s long dark hair, the Turk’s own hand pressed against the back of his boss’s head.

She was surprised that Reno and Rude already knew about them. “I think it’s casual,” Reno once said. “Just a fuck of convenience kinda thing.”

But she could tell it was different. She could tell it was more. She thought back to all the nights that she would lie beneath Tseng breathing out his name and suddenly realized that maybe he wasn’t thinking about her, but Rufus. Rufus, the golden god of Shinra with his arrogance and charm.

She remembers the time she was called into Rufus’s office and how she was afraid he would tell her never to see Tseng again. Despite herself she cared about Tseng, found herself wanting to be with him.

Then Rufus kisses her and she lost her sense. This was her boss, and she would do what he asked, so she let him kiss her, let him slide his hand into her pants and prod her most sensitive region, let him swallow her moan, let him strip her naked and bend her over the desk and take her quickly, roughly. She remembers the only thing she would think was that he took her because Tseng had.

That night when she lie beneath Tseng, her eyes closed as she breathed out his name she thought back to Rufus’s office and tried to remember if she read Tseng’s name on his lips, if she smelled Tseng in his hair, on his skin, taste him on Rufus’s mouth. She tried to piece it all together, but Tseng’s hand reached down and he flicked a finger across her clit and her brain emptied of all though as she screamed his name to the heavens and back.

She spent the next several weeks trying to figure things out, let Rufus pull her into his office when he wanted to, made love to Tseng under the moon. She knew her heart was torn. She cared for both of these men more than she could imagine and she could tell they cared for each other as well. So when Rufus called her into his office again and his lips slid from her neck to her breast she was too deep in thought to really take notice.

Then she felt Tseng’s lips on her neck. Her head rolled back, her eyes clenched tightly shut, and just like that they became one. Three relationships, three loves melding together. She looks back now as she lies between them and wonders how she ever slept alone.
Tags: elena, ff_threesomes, rufus, rufus shinra, tseng, tseng/rufus/elena
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