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Tseng/Rufus/Elena- Painful

Title: Painful
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Claim: Tseng/Rufus Shinra/Elena
Theme set/Theme: Set I: #3- Comforting
Word count: 361
Warnings: Nope.
Summary: He wonders what their lives would be like without each other.

He often asked himself how they had gotten together. It wasn’t even conscious really. It had just happened. One night the three of them were just together in his office. Then she kissed him, in front of Rufus, and he had been so surprised he let her. Then Rufus kissed her and while he watched with wonder. Then Rufus kissed Tseng. He supposed that was how the whole thing started.

He remembered that night was the first time the three of them were together, how Elena arched her head back from between the two of them to kiss Tseng while Rufus’s mouth was warm on her breast in the cold night air.

There was always some comfort in being with them. It was like being at home, a warm welcome feeling that wrapped him up and kept him safe. He wasn’t afraid to tell them he biggest fears. Elena would comfort him if he cried by cradling his head against her breast while she and Rufus would kiss his tears away. And he didn’t delude himself into thinking Rufus Shinra was a sentimental man. He most likely wouldn’t have cared if Tseng cried had they not been a thing.

But somehow their relationship had changed Rufus. Oh, sure, in front of everyone else he was the same cold, arrogant person he always had been, stoic, aloof. With them he let his walls down, cared, touched, felt, loved.

Tseng could remember the first time Rufus had ever told them he loved them. They were basking in the afterglow, Elena’s head on Tseng’s chest, Rufus half laying across him with his head on her hip. “I love you both,” he had told them. “More than I thought I could ever love anyone.”

They had kissed his mouth, his eyelids, his nose, bathed him in their love and their warmth, insured him his place there and that they would always love him too. He was theirs, always and only, as they were his.

Tseng watched the two of them sleep, him pressed in between the two of them and wondered where they would be if the weren’t together.

And the very thought was painful
Tags: elena, ff_threesomes, rufus, rufus shinra, tseng, tseng/rufus/elena
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