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Draco/Hermione- Deadly Legends- Prologue

Title: Deadly Legends
Author: blacksouledbutterfly (me)
Rating: Mature
Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Summary: Someone is watching her. Someone is stalking. The grounds are bathed in blood. And someone wants her dead. Hermione has to figure out how to keep herself alive....if that's even possible.
Author's Note: The chapter index can be found here.

Made by Kooky_Monster at The Dark Arts

Prologue: Welcome To HSWW
A/N: This is based on the movie Urban Legend. Seen it? Great, than you get the idea. Haven't? Well, to put it simply it's about a killer who kills his victims using urban legends as a basis i.e. the kidney heist and various others.

This story will have 2 different kinds of legends: urban legends which will be referred to as Muggle Legends through out and Wizarding Legends which as basically urban legends from the wizarding world.

This story is entirely AU and does not contain HBP in any way or form, so no spoilers are within. Got that? Okay, here we go, one more thing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, or the theme to Urban Legend. I merely have taken the basic idea of the story, twisted its characters as well as the characters of Harry Potter and thrown them into my own little story.


For the hundredth time that night Melody McIntire let out a sigh of annoyance. She glanced at the clock: 10:20. Her parents wouldn't be home for at least another hour and she was stuck watching her brother and sister. Shifting in her spot on the couch the turned her attention back to the sound of the voice coming from her radio.

"This is Ginny Weasley coming to you from HSWW, the newly instated voice of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, ready to start you off on a brand new year. For those of you tuning in for the first time to this lovely new WWN station, through various charms and spells we have enabled you, the listener to call in to us and tell us your secrets, problem, worries, and maybe even request a song.

"Please welcome our next contact, Fiona Veslo, Ravenclaw Second Year. What brings you to our station tonight Fiona?"

"Um...well, you see, my sister, Nancy, she's a sixth year. In Ravenclaw like me."

"And that's a problem?"

"Well, no, but...um, you see. She and I haven't been getting along well lately. Well, we haven't been getting along at all and after our last fight I did something terrible."

"What did you do, Fiona?"

"I changed her contraceptive spells for a mixture of pumpkin juice and butterbeer."


"Pumpkin juice and butterbeer. She never noticed the difference because they taste exactly the same. But, well, now she's pregnant and what am I supposed to do?"

"Well, Fiona, first of all, did you know that falsifying the label on a spell such as a contraceptive spell is against Ministry laws?"


"Really. Now, as for your sister, I would be prepared to be hexed to China and back because when she finds out what you did, she's going to go mental on you. Now, for all you listeners out there, here's a lovely song from one of our favorite bands, the Weird Sisters."

As the music began to float across the room, Melody closed her eyes. Just two more days and she would be back at Hogwarts, and away from her family. It wasn't to say that she hated her family. Far from it. She enjoyed her family, and even enjoyed being in the muggle world, but hated being stuck looking after her sisters. Furthermore, she missed Hogwarts. Her sixth year was upon her and she had been at school for so long that being away from it seemed almost unnatural.

The phone rang, shaking Melody out of her thoughts. She reached over, feeling around for the phone. Her hand made contact with it, knocking it off of the coffee table. "Shit." Reaching down she picked up the receiver and placed it to her ear. "Hello?"

At first she heard nothing, only heavy breathing, and then the distinct sound of laughter.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Are you alone in the house?"

Melody stopped, holding her breath. Crap, its probably Oliver from down the street. She let out her breath slowly, clearing her throat. "Very funny. I'm hanging up now."

"Have you checked the children?"

"Look, very fucking funny. I'm hanging up now."

Melody placed the phone back in its cradle, shaking her head. "Stupid jerk."

No sooner had Melody closed her eyes to relax did she hear the phone ring again. Letting out a sigh of frustration she grabbed the phone and pressed it back against her ear. "Hello?"

"Have you checked the children?"

"Oliver, this is not funny! I'm hanging up. Don't call me again."

She slammed the phone back into place. What is wrong with people today? she wondered. People have such problems. And that Oliver! What is his problem? What, I refuse to date him so he starts harassing me? There is something terribly and horribly wrong with that scenario.

The phone rang once more, the sound ringing throughout the room. She bit her lip, contemplating whether of not she should answer it or not. It could be Mum and Dad, she reasoned. And if I don't answer she is going to go completely and utterly mental.

After a moment more of hesitation she reached over with a shaking hand and answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Melody, honey? It's Mummy. Are you okay?"

Melody let out a deep breath. "Oh, Mum, I was just....I was surprised to hear from you so soon."

"Are you okay? Are your sisters okay?"

"We're fine, Mum. Are you gonna be gone much longer?"

"Only another hour. Why? Melody, is something wrong?"

"No, Mum. No, nothing's wrong." She was never good at lying to her mother. Actually, in truth, lying to her mother left a nasty taste in her mouth, but if she told her mother what was going on it would only worry her. If her mother thought something wrong she would cut the night out short, and Melody's parents so rarely got to go out. Having three daughters kept them busy most of the day, so going out together, just the two of them, was a rarity. She was not about to ruin that for them. "I'm just tired, that's all."

"Okay. Melody, check on Sarah for me, will you? You know how hard it is for her to fall asleep."

"Sure Mum."

Her mother sighed into the phone. "Okay darling. We'll be home soon. Try to get some sleep, okay?"

"Okay Mum. Bye."

"Bye honey."

Melody hung up the phone, sliding her legs off of the couch. Her gaze flickered to the floor above her. "If you two aren't asleep when I come up there, you're both going to die! I hope you know that!"

As she made her way up the stairs she thought about what a pain it was to have to take care of her sisters. They were little brats most of the time. Besides, the only reason Sarah had trouble sleeping at night it that while on summer holiday she had a habit of sleeping all day. Why should she bother worrying about her?

She made her way down the hall, reached inside her sisters' room and flicked the light switch, but the lights didn't turn on. Melody frowned, trying the light switch again. "Damn electricity." She slid her feet across the floor and bent over Sarah's bed. "Are you asleep you bloody brat?" She reached down and shook her sister. "Hello!" Her hand hit something moist and sticky. "Sarah?" Still her sister did not respond.

Melody lifted up her hand and in the moonlight something dark stood out against her hand. Shaking her head silently she backed up, heading to the door.

She heard footsteps behind her.

She turned and went to scream, but didn't get the chance to. The next sound that rang through the house was the sound of an axe hitting the door frame, and the sound of Melody's head rolling across the floor.

Downstairs Ginny's voice could be heard over the WWN.

Our next contact is Alexa Fitzgerald, Hufflepuff second year. Tell us what's on your mind Alexa.....
Tags: deadly legends, draco, draco/hermione, hermione, hermione/draco
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