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The Unexpected Baby: Chapter 2: Games And Flirtation Situations

Title: The Unexpected Baby: Chapter 2: Games And Flirtation Situations(3/?)
Author: butterflys_fics/blacksouledbutterfly
Rating: R
Pairing: Rose/Scorpius
Word Count: 2,555
Summary: One little mistake and they were stuck in an impossible situation- one that phsyically shouldn't have even been possible. Who said pregnancy was a blessing?
Warnings: Mentions of sex and foul language throughout
Notes: The chapter index can be found here.

Lovely chapter image by stealingETERNITY @ The Dark Arts

When I woke up in the morning it felt like I had swallowed rotten meat. I felt the bile rising in the back of my throat and instantly knew I had to get the bathroom or else I’d end up vomiting all over the floor. And as far as I was concerned that would have been a big red flag to all of my friends that something seriously unusual was going on with me.

So I slid on my slippers and made my way as quickly as I could down to the bathroom and emptied my stomach contents into the toilet. It felt like I was going to start throwing up my own internal organs by the time I was done and able to lean back against the stall door and savor the coolness of the metal against the back of my head. Because by then not only did my throat hurt from the effort of expelling my stomach contents but I could feel the distinct throb in my temple of a headache coming on. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

By the time I had been able to pull myself together and prepare for the day I was nearly late for my first class and by the end of the school day I felt like I was going to collapse from exhaustion. Waking up to vomit was definitely not a good way to begin your day if you wanted to feel fine by the end of it. And furthermore every time anyone even mentioned food I felt like I was going to vomit all over again. Unfortunately I had nothing left in my stomach to throw up.

But as soon as the day was over I was ready to lay down for a nap. Unfortunately for me Lily wanted me to come with her to watch the Quidditch match between Slytherin and Gryffindor. The only question was: who was I going to be cheering for? Because while I was in Gryffindor the father of my unborn child- the one no one knew about- was on the Slytherin Quidditch team just as his father had been. And I highly doubted he would have appreciated it if I was hoping for him to lose.

Lily convinced me to go with her however. It was probably easy for her to convince me because I was determined to act as though nothing out of the ordinary was going on with me. And if I had refused to accompany my dear cousin to the game I was pretty sure that she would have figured out something was wrong.

So, I had followed her to the Quidditch pitch and took a seat between her and Albus. Al smiled at me slightly as I took my seat, his mouth turning up in a crooked line. Normally he would have been out on the field as well but the last game they played with Slytherin Al had gotten into a rather large fight with one of the team members. Because of that he wasn’t allowed to play against Slytherin again for now. But it meant for us that we got to be graced with the presence of his lovely company.

“Think we’ll kick their arses, Rosie?”

I couldn’t help but smile at Al’s question. “I’m sure we’ll hold our own just fine, Al.”

“Just hold our own?”

“Well, they are a rather good team. I’m sure it’ll be a very tough match for both sides, you know.” It was the closest thing I could come to say that sounded supportive of Gryffindor’s team without actually trying to hope that Scorpius’ team didn't win. I knew that eventually my attitude towards Slytherin would start to strike people as odd but for now I was trying to play it all as cool as I could and hope that no one noticed anything different about me. Odds were against that, of course, but I was willing to try.

During most of the match I had managed to barely keep my stomach contents from sloshing around. All of the excitement of the game and the rapid movements and voices screaming was doing very little to make my stomach calm down. If anything the excitement made the sloshing much worse and I could almost taste the bile on the back of my tongue. Swallowing down the urge to throw up was becoming rather annoying as time went on.

Watching the people buzzing past me on their brooms was starting to make me sick. Every once in awhile I had to close my eyes to keep myself from getting dizzy. But unfortunately I had to keep opening my eyes again just to be sure that no one would notice that I was acting strange. Hiding this situation was becoming rather annoying but I didn’t really have any other option at the time.

And that’s when things on the pitch suddenly took a strange turn. One of the bludgers went spiraling towards Scorpius and hit him his shoulder sending him off of his broomstick and to the ground. I stood instantly, gazing over the edge of the stands and at him on the ground as the referee blew their whistle and went over to check on him.

At first he lay on the ground, not moving. Next to me Al stood, gazing over the edge with me. “Bloody good hit.”

“I suppose.”

“What’s the matter? Don’t like seeing the opposing team get hit?”

“I don’t want anyone to get hurt badly during the game, Al. Doesn’t matter which team they’re on, I’d still hope they were alright.”

“I’m sure he’s fine.”

I was hoping he was right, but at first Scorpius wasn’t moving and I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to for a while. Then he stirred on the ground shaking his hair out of his face like he was in a daze. He looked around the pitch, eyes jumping across the grass beneath him and then up into the stands. Our eyes met briefly as the referee began talking to him.

I don’t think he registered at first what she was trying to say because he didn’t answer. His eyes just remained locked in my direction until she laid a hand on his arm. Then his eyes went to her and after a moment he nodded slightly and she motioned that he was fine and would be continuing on in the game. I couldn’t help it. I let out a sigh of relief.

Al laughed, nudging me with his arm. “I told you he’d be alright, Rosie. And here you are acting as though you just watched your true love being attacked.”

“Very funny,” I said dryly.

“Oh, lighten up. You know I don’t mean anything by it.”

“Of course I do.” Slowly I backed up and sat back in my seat. But through the entire rest of the game I kept as close of an eye on Scorpius as I could, hoping his injury was as mild as he was trying to play it off as. But if his injury was serious he didn’t let on to it because he was playing with the same vigor as he had earlier in the game.

Admittedly Slytherin played a very good game but in the end Gryffindor won with the capture of the snitch. On either side of me both of my cousins cheered the victory and playing the supportive Gryffindor.

Lily linked her arm through mine, leaning against me with a broad smile across her face. “We won, Rosie.”

I smiled slightly at her, nodding a bit. “I know.”

“There’s going to be a bit of a celebration back in the common room. Are you coming?”

“I think I’ll catch up with you a bit later, Lily. I have a bit of a headache and I think the air would do me some good.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’ll catch up with you later.”

Lily nodded and headed off after her brother. But as soon as I saw her heading off I felt a wave of guilt washing over me for lying to her. She had been, for some time, one of my closest friends besides being my family and lying to her left a nasty taste in my mouth. But I was concerned now for Scorpius after being injured. Amazing how this situation had made me unable to be objective when it came to him.

As the people all began to file away from the pitch I made my way over to the area where the Slytherin team would be exiting. I had never been very good at sneaking around nor had I ever really had a reason to do so in the past but at the moment I had to try my best. If we were going to be keeping our situation a secret than it stood to reason that I had no reason to be speaking to Scorpius. We weren’t dating and we weren’t even friends so it would arouse suspicion. And yet there I was, waiting for him in the best hiding spot I could manage to find so I could simply ask if his shoulder was seriously hurt.

It only took a few minutes for me to hear his voice as he addressed his fellow teammates on the way out. My plan was to wait until the rest of them had left and then make myself known but as soon as the voices began to fade another one came. This one was much more feminine, much more flirtatious. “Oh, are you hurt dreadfully?”

Peering around from where I had taken to hiding I saw Leera Zabini fawning over Scorpius. Leera was the daughter of one of our parents’ former classmate, Blaise. Who her mother was I wasn’t sure- my parents never really spoke of such things. They merely commented that they had known her father when I had mentioned her name.

Like Scorpius’ own father Blaise had been a Slytherin and like him Blaise had considered my father and his entire family to be blood traitors. Pureblood mentality, though not as strong as it was back then, was still strong amongst some of the inner circles of the pureblood elite. So it wouldn’t have come as a surprise to me if that meant that Leera found me- the daughter of a muggle born and a blood traitor- as an inferior species of witch. And though she and I had never actually spoken I had no doubt that if we had the conversation would not have been a pleasant one.

I had no reason to feel jealous if I was honest with myself. True, I was carrying the child of the man she was so deftly fawning over but as it were Scorpius and I weren’t in any kind of a relationship. In essence he was free to flirt, date or shag whoever he wanted to. But somehow I couldn’t help but feel jealousy start to boil within me.

For as long as I could remember Leera had taken to trying to seduce Scorpius. It started back when we were first years and had continued until this day. But Leera was a pretty girl with slightly dark skin and blue eyes and I couldn’t help but wonder if there had ever been some kind of a relationship between the two.

If there had been I knew without a doubt that his father would have supported it and not because her father was a former housemate of his and Leera was a fellow Slytherin but because if Blaise hated muggle borns as much as I had heard that meant Leera’s mother had most likely been pureblood which in turn would make Leera one herself. And considering the Malfoys stand on the purity of blood she would have been a far better choice for Scorpius in his parents’ eyes than I was.

Scorpius’ gaze moved slowly over towards her and then down to the hand she had clamped down onto his arm. He made no move to get her to let him go but at the same time he didn’t look particularly thrilled that she was holding onto him the way she was. “I’m alright,” he told her evenly. “Just a bit sore.”

“Oh, you poor thing.” A smile spread across her face and even I had to admit that she looked lovely when she smiled. “I’m sure you can get fixed up right away in the hospital wing. I can walk with you if you’d like.”

As if he needs an escort to get there, I thought bitterly. He’s perfectly capable of getting there all on his own.

But Scorpius smiled at her and patted the hand that had clamped down onto his arm. “I think I’ll be just fine, Leera.” There was something in his voice that I didn’t like, almost like he was flirting back with her and the jealousy returned. I was being irrational but I didn’t care. I was jealous and that was the pure and simple fact.

I no longer cared how Scorpius was feeling because all of this jealousy swimming through me was making my head spin. It was becoming increasingly difficult to remain standing so I turned away, pressing my back against a nearby tree and taking a deep breath. It was time to head back to the dormitory and get some rest.

Stepping away I stumbled, snapping a branch under my foot. Cursing softly I hoped no one would hear it but I knew they had, especially when Scorpius turned and asked in his most calm voice, “Who’s out there?”

If I had been feeling better I would have run but I couldn’t muster up the energy. Instead I turned to face them, swallowing slowly to get rid of the lump that was starting to form in my throat.

Leera’s lip curled up in disgust as she saw it was me. She shook her dark hair out of her face and looked me over as though I were a bug. “What are you doing here, Weasley?”

“Just going for a walk.” The lie slipped out as naturally as the truth would have.

But Scorpius’ eyebrows drew together with either confusion or concern- I couldn’t tell which. “You look very pale, Weasley.” His voice didn’t hold the same malice that Leera’s had. It actually sounded rather empty.

“Do I?” I blinked several times against the blurriness that was beginning to take over my vision. “Lack of sleep. No concern of yours, Malfoy.”

“Come on. Let’s leave Weasley to her own devices.” Leera’s grip on Scorpius’ arm tightened.

I don’t know what he said to her after that. I saw his lips moving but couldn’t register his voice in my head because the blurriness had gotten worse and the world had started spinning. I opened my mouth to ask everything to return to normal when my legs gave out beneath me and I went tumbling to the ground.

My head made contact with the earth sending a shooting pain around to my forehead and down my neck. I’m pretty sure I let out some kind of a pained sound but the world was starting bleed black.

I could have sworn as my vision started to die out entirely I saw Scorpius’ face leaning over mine. But I must have been mistaken.
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