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Tseng/Aeris- Contemplating Innocence

Title: Contemplating Innocence
Author: butterflys_fics
Theme: Theme Set 1: #5- flower(s) (15pairings)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Tseng/Aeris
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in FFVII, I am merely using them for my own story and fun.

He knew that she knew he watched her. For a while he used to do it from the shadows so that he wouldn’t see her, but once he knew she was all to aware of his eyes on her, he decided that hiding it was pointless. So, after a while he would stand off to the side and watch her as she crouched down in that old, rundown church and ran her fingers across the pale petals of her beloved flowers. She caressed them like memories past that she wished to hold onto with every single breath she had, she caressed them like sick little children that needed her comforting and they seemed to sing back to her with their love, growing in a place that flowers had no place growing to begin with.

One day, when she had convinced him to crouch down with her amongst the fragile buds, Aeris told him that people were like flowers. They were so fragile that they could be destroyed with the slightest roughness. “They’re so beautiful, so fragile. Aren’t they?”

He couldn’t answer her. He tried to think of himself and wondered if he had ever been fragile, if he had ever been delicate, but he couldn’t think of a time when he felt like that. He knew that to be out of control was human nature and he knew all too well how easily life could be taken away from people- the gods knew he had shed his fair share of blood and taken his fair share of lives- but he couldn’t, for the life of him, remember ever feeling as fragile as those flowers. Or as fragile as she seemed, smiling at him in the musty church.

She held out a pale yellow flower to him, watching his long, delicate fingers wrapping around the stem. “I think you’re fragile too, deep down. Everyone is, Tseng. You just hide it better than most.”

She leaned over, placed a gentle kiss on the edge of his mouth. “If I have to be watched…I’m glad it has to be you.”

He remained crouching among the flowers as she stood up, spread her arms out to her sides and spun around, her face so serene it made his heart break.

No, he thought. I’m not fragile deep down. The fragile one here is you.
Tags: 15pairings, aeris, aeris/sephiroth, sephiroth/aeris, tseng
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