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Tseng/Elena- The Things Unsaid- Chapter Index

Title: The Things Unsaid
Rating: MA
Pairings: Tseng/Elena, Rude/Tifa, Yuffie/Vincent
Type: Multi-parter
Genre: Angst, drama, romance, slight comedy
Warnings: Violence, angst, alcohol, sex, mentions of rape
Summary: Since being attacked by the remnants of Sephiroth both Tseng and Elena have changed, for the better and the worse. They are about to be forced to face what they are and who they have become, and face what they feel for each other, or else the very things they care about may be destroyed.

Tseng is portrayed by Gackt and Elena by Mandy Moore. (Thanks to pariswriter82 for helping me choose an Elena.)

This story is not yet completed.

Chapter Index
Chapter 1: Coffee and Cigarettes
Chapter 2: Animal, I've Become
Chapter 3: Pain
Chapter 4: The End Of The World
Chapter 5: Hopelessly Devoted
Chapter 6: Something To Sleep To
Chapter 7: Dark Light
Chapter 8: Sweet Sacrifice
Chapter 9: Breathe (2 AM)
Tags: elena, elena/tseng, the things unsaid, tseng, tseng/elena
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